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Situated in the Northern Sector of Mega Manila, the thriving City is bounded on the North by the City of Valenzuela, on the West and Southwest by the City of Navotas, and on the East and Southeast by Caloocan City.

The City of Malabon is a traditional fishing village traversed and divided by a once navigable river system that, in the past centuries, reached the upstream provinces of Bulacan and eastward localities of the National Capital Region.

The 1980s’ reclamation project for residential areas consumed most of the local fishpond areas. This period also introduced more diversity in commerce and industry.

Withstanding time and the toll of change and progress, the new City still retains its reputation as a fish-trading center of the metropolis; such that, the time-honored “bulungan” and other activities in numerous “consignacion” dotting the riversides render the midnight and early dawns as festive and hyper-trading hours.

Malabon’s enduring image is its proximity to the bounty of the sea. This image is made even more aqueous by the presence of three major rivers (Malabon, Tinajeros and Tullahan Rivers) that traverse the City.

Its geographical location, which is the downstream or end line of the North Metro’s river system makes the river system doubly prone to water pollution.

Thus, multi-sectoral approach is the preferred strategy of the incumbent administration to address the daunting challenge of cleaning up and revitalization of the city’s river system.

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