Application Forms

Business Permit and Lincensing Office

Business Application (New & Renewal) – Application Form (make 3 copies)
Business Application (New & Renewal) – Requirements
Occupational Permit – Application Form (make 3 copies)

City Engineering Department

Application Form – Excavation Permit

Malabon City Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board

Application Form – Driver (Motorized/Pedicab)
Registration Form – Motorized
Registration Form – Pedicab

Office of the Local Building Official

Application Form – Building Permit (page1) (page2)
Application Form – Change of Use or Occupancy
Application Form – Demolition Permit (page1) (page2)
Application Form – Electrical Permit (page1) (page2)
Application Form – Electronics Permit (page1) (page2)
Application Form – Excavation Permit (page1) (page2)
Application Form – Fencing Permit (page1) (page2)
Application Form – Mechanical Permit
Application Form – Scaffolding Permit
Application Form – Sidewalk Construction Permit (page1) (page2)
Application Form – Sidewalk Use for Driveway/Stairs
Application Form – Sign Permit (page1) (page2)

Office of the Local Civil Registrar

Application for Marriage License
Certificate of Live Birth
Request for Certified True Copy – Birth Certificate
Request for Certified True Copy – Death Certificate
Request for Certified True Copy – Marriage Certificate

Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs

Application Form – Senior Citizen’s Identification Card (ID)
Application Form – Death Benefit
Application Form – Social Pension Intake

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