Prospect of City Sisterhood Looms

Former State Minister Hajime Ishii of Japan paid a courtesy call to City Mayor Antolin A. Oreta III during his exploratory visit on February 12, 2018.

Facilitating a “Sister City Partnership” between Malabon and Akashi cities, Ishii set the visit while searching for possible point of cooperation, mutually beneficial for concerned localities.

Mayor Oreta arranged for a simple welcome ceremony at the City Hall Penthouse, in appreciation of Ishii’s optimistic intercession on the probability of a joint venture.

For his part, Ishii expressed hope that either of Japan’s coastal cities of Chiba or Akashi are feasible partners for continuous growth and development with Malabon.

Recalling that since the 1960’s as a delegate in the Japanese-Filipino Parliamentary Association, the 39-year-long Japanese legislator has been with good Filipino friends and contemporaries. Thus his intervention to forge a partnership with Malabon in particular is a way of “returning the good things” he experienced.

Particular need for Filipino teachers of English language and professional caregivers for said Japanese cities, while technological enhancement in our fishing industry was cited as points of concern.

Mayor Oreta takes pride of the human resources the City has honed, particularly through the City of Malabon University (CMU) and its City of Malabon Polytechnic Institute (CMPI).

After the parties’ messages, video clips on the progress of Malabon and Malabonians throughout the decade, especially under the present administration were presented.

City Administrator Voltaire Dela Cruz facilitated the discussion on initial endeavors which Malabon and its prospect city partners may mutually engaged on in the near future.

Mayor Oreta previously sought Ishii’s advice on the partnership idea on which Akashi City was suggested along with Chiba.

In recent written exchanges between Malabon and Akashi, City Mayor Fuhaso Izumi articulated hopefulness for a “tight and fruitful partnership… as long as it should be” between the two cities.

Esteemed token along with Pancit Malabon and BJMP Inmates’ baked Pandesal as snacks were accorded the official visitors, as they were booked to enjoy the “Tricycle Tour” packages in the coming days, furthering their familiarity and appreciation of the Malabonian cultural heritage.

A native of Kobe, Japan, 83 year old Hajime Ishii attended Konan University, University of California and received a master’s degree in political science from Stanford University. He served in the national legislature of Japan (1969-2013), as the head of the National Land Agency (1989-1990) and as Minister for Home Affairs (1994).

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