Malabon mayor focuses job on improving constituents’ lives



The youthful mayor of Malabon City, Antolin “Len-len” Oreta III, will be more engrossed in his post not because local political campaigning is near but in implementing his administration’s pro-poor and pro-people programs.

The forthcoming May 13 mid-term election is supposed to be his first try as candidate for the city’s top post which was unexpectedly vacated by his late uncle Canuto “Tito” Oreta due a lingering illness in September last year, but it just turned not too exciting anymore because no one has come out to challenge him.
It was only a short period of time or specifically less than a month when the young Oreta assumed the post and when the filing of certificate of candidacy took place which was from Oct. 1 to Oct. 5, 2012, just the same, no one has surfaced to put up a fight with him.
“Such scenario has been expected here in Malabon because the people are aware about the unquestioned dedication and performance of the late mayor (Tito) and they are grateful enough that he was replaced by another Oreta (Len-len) who has shown sincerity in dealing with his constituents and transparency in governance,” some local political observers told the Tribune.
Flattered and visibly gratified by the support thrown to him by the city electorate, Mayor Len-len, who turns 42 on Sept. 16, assured his constituents that he would not frustrate them.
He vowed to transform the city into a more progressive and competitive local government in the metropolis.
“Of course, I cannot do it alone. I still need the support of the key city officials and employees, members of the Sangguniang Panlunsod and our congresswoman, Rep. Jaye Lacson-Noel,” said the young Oreta who started his political career in 2007 when he was elected as the No.1 councilor in Malabon.
He said the fact that Rep. Lacson-Noel will also run unchallenged come May 13 polls only indicated the new brand of leadership they are espousing in the city which obviously is welcomed by most residents.
During his three-year term at the council, he was recognized as a staunch advocate of education, entrepreneurship and social services. He became known for his hardworking attitude, consensus building prowess and leadership skills, according to his former colleagues and incumbent city aldermen.
Len-len said he further strengthened his scholarship program for poor students which provides free tuition  for college students and subsidy for high school and elementary students.
As part of his advocacy for education, he also initiated the establishment of a computer school to cater to the needs of out-of-school youth and adults who are interested to learn basic computer programs. In addition, he spearheaded various barangay-based medical, dental, optical missions as well as feeding programs to improve health and nutrition of the indigent sectors.
The eldest son of former Sen. Tessie Aquino-Oreta and businessman Antolin Oreta Jr. and being a member of the Aquino clan (President Aquino is his first cousin), he carries with him the family tradition of nationalism and dedication to public service.
The Malabon mayor seeks to alleviate poverty by strengthening entrepreneurial capabilities of the people and empowering the communities, upgrade competency and skills of the students, unemployed, and displaced workers, provide opportunities for decent housing to informal settlers as well as enhance delivery of public health services through the establishment of a hospital.

(Written by Arlie O. Calalo – The Daily Tribune)

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