Mga Pinagtibay na Kautusan ng Taong 2010

A01 – 2010
City Ordinance Appropriating Supplemental Budget No. 1 for Fiscal Year 2010 in the amount of Php 38,957,919.68 Philippine Currency.
Agosto 19,2010
A02 – 2010
City Ordinance Extending the Benefits of Developer and Beneficiaries of Socialized Housing Projects under City Ordinance No. 07-2006.
Agosto 26, 2010
A03 – 2010
City Ordinance Amending the Provision of City Ordinance No. 05-2006 Particularly on Section 130 of the Unified Traffic Management Code of Malabon City.
Nobyembre 04,2010
A01 – 2010
City Ordinance amending the Provision of City Ordinace No. 08-2006 A Amended by City Orndinance No. 08-2008 Particularly on Section 121 of the City of Malabon’s Motorcycle and Pedicab Franchising Code.
Nobyembre 04,2010
A05 – 2010
City Ordinance appropriating the amount of Php 921,325,077.00 under the General Fund Execuitve Budget of The City of Malabon to be taken from the Estimated Income Certified as Reasonably Collectible by the Local Finance Committee for Calendar Year 2011 and other Purposes.
Nobyembre 10,2010

Mga Pinagtibay na Kautusan ng Taong 2011

City Ordinance Creating the Malabon City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officea nd the Malabon City Disaster Risk Reduction Council as Mandated by Republic Act 10121 otherwise known as The Philippine Disater Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010.
Pebrero 23, 2011
Kautusang Panglungsod na nagbibigay ng prangkisa kay Dr. Romulo Bernardo na makapag-operate ng Ferry sa Badeo Tres
na nasa Barangay Concepcion, Malabon City.
Marso 24, 2011
City Ordinance to Grant Monthly Allowance in the amount of Php700.00 to every Barangay Health Worker in the City of Malabon.
Abril 28, 2011
City Ordinance Converting the Existing Positions of Performing Staff/ Technical Functions.
Mayo 24, 2011
Kautusang Panglungsod na nagkakaloob ng prangkisa kay G. Bernardo G. Chua, Pangulo ng CYC Gaming and Amusement Corporation na makapagoperate ng Bingo Boutique sa Lungsod ng Malabon.
Mayo 24, 2011
City Ordinance Regulating the Establishment and Operation of Internet Cafes or Computer Rental Shops/ Computer Gaming Shops or Games in the City of Malabon nnd Providing Penalties thereof.
Hunyo 28, 2011
City Ordinance Creating the Local Advisory Committee (LAC) for Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in the City of Malabon, defining its composition, functions and responsibilities.
Hunyo 28, 2011
City Ordinance approving the Supplemental Budget No. 1 series of 2011 appropriating the total amount of Php 399,743,917.03.
Hunyo 28, 2011
Kautusang Panglungsod na nagtatakda sa Panata ng Kalikasan bilang opisyal na panunumpa ukol sa kalikasan dito sa Lungsod ng Malabon.
Hulyo 05, 2011
An Ordinance Regulating the operations of Private Terminals and imposting penalties thereof.
Hulyo 12, 2011
An Ordinance amending City Ordinance No. 06-2011 Regulating the Establishments and Operations of Internet Cafes or Compute Rental Shops/ Computer Gaming Shops or Games in the City of Malabon and providing penalties thereof.
Agosto 6, 2011
An Ordinance Appropriating the amount of Php 971,291,582.00 under the General Fund Executive Budget of the City of Malabon.
Nobyembre 03, 2011
Kautusang Panglungsod na nagtatadhana sa Paglilipat at Pagtatayo ng Bagong Gusali ng Pagamutang Bayan ng Malabon sa likod ng Malabon City Hall.
Nobyembre 22, 2011
An Ordinance prohibiting dumping, placing, throwing cigarette buts and the like in any place in the streets or public building or property including waterways, riverbanks not otherwise designated as garbage dumping place and providing penalties thereof.
Nobyembre 22, 2011
An Ordinance enacting the Malabon City Welfare Code on Children.
Nobyembr 29, 2011

Mga Pinagtibay na Kautusan ng Taong 2012

City Ordinance amending Section 30, Chapter III, Article VI and Section 61, Chapter III, Article X of City Ordniance No. 09-2006 known and cited as The Land And Transportation Code of the City of Malabon.
Pebrero 07, 2012
City Ordinance regulating the use, sale, distribution and advertisement of cigarettes and other tobacco products in certain places, imposing penalties and providing funds thereof in accordance with the Tobacco Regulations Act of 2003 and its implementing rules.
Marso 06,2012
City Ordinance appropriating Supplemental Budget O.1 for Fiscal Year 2012 in the amount of Php113,000,000.00 Philippine Currency.
Hunyo 05, 2012
City Ordinance amending City Ordinance No. 14-2011 otherwise known as the Anti-littering Ordinance of Malabon City.
Hulyo 13, 2012
Kautusang Panglungsod na nagkakaloob ng prangkisa kay Gng. Carolina D. Carlos na makapag-operate ng Pagcor E-games Station Café Sa Lungsod ng Malabon.
Hulyo 03, 2012
City Ordinance instituting the schedule of fees for the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Bidding Documents prescribe under Section 17.5 of Republic Act 9184 Implementing Rules And Regulations.
Hulyo 10, 2012
City Ordinance establishing the rental rates of ten (10) Unit Commercial Spaces/ Stalls along A.P. Reyes Street, Barangay Baritan, Malabon City and providing mechanisms thereof.
Hulyo 17, 2012
An Ordinance creating the Persons With Disability Affairs Office (PDAO), its corresponding plantilla positions and for other purposes as mandated under Republic Act 10070.
Setyembre 18, 2012
An Ordinance converting the Tennis Court to Badminton Court which is located at Oreta Sports Center.
Oktubre 02, 2012
An Ordinance abolishing positions in the Plantilla of the City Government of Malabon.
Oktubre 09, 2012
An Ordinance mandating the use of pre-emptive measures during emergency situations such as forced evacuation during manmade or natural disasters and providing guidelines thereof.
Oktubre 09, 2012
An Ordinance establishing the Malabon Anti-Drug Abuse Council (MADAC) to strenghten their role in the eradication of illegal drugs
within the jurisdiction of Malabon City.
Oktubre 16, 2012
An Ordinance creating the City Enviromental and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), providing personnel positions and functions thereof.
Oktubre 16, 2012
An Ordinance further extending the benefits of developer and beneficiaries of socialized housing projects granted under City Ordinance No. 07-2006 and A02-2010.
Nobyembre 20,2012
An Ordinance appropriating the amount of Eight Hundred Eighty Million Pesos and 00/100 (Php880,000,000.00) under the General Fund Executive Budget of the City of Malabon to be taken from the estimated income certified reasonable and collectible by the Local Finance Committee for The Calendar Year 2013 and for other purposes.
Disyembre 04, 2012
An Ordinance amending Section 1 of City Ordinance No. A06-2004.
Disyembre 11, 2012
An Ordinance granting Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) to Malabon City Government Employees.
Disyembre 14, 2012

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