Physical Features

Topography, Slope and Physiology

Generally flat topography, with slope ranging from 0 to 5% Eastern portion of Malabon lies at the Guadalupe Plateau.

Political Subdivisions

Malabon is composed of 21 barangays and is divided into 2 districts. District 1 has 15 barangays, with a total number of 514 voting precints and has a total voting population of 87,808.

On the other hand, District 2 has 6 barangays with 529 voting precincts and a slightly lower total voting population of 84,178.

Land Use

Use Hectare
Residential 597.29
Commercial 305.64
Industrial 516.99
Agricultural/Fishpond 20.00
Open Space 14.62
Cemetery 17.67

Land Area

Malabon has a total land area of 1,571.40 hectares or 2.50% of Metro Manila’s total land area.

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