The local government of Malabon launched Kalingang Malabonian on January 26 and 27 this year at barangays Maysilo and Santulan, while Taňong, San Agustin and Tugatog hosted the event on February 2 and 3 respectively.

Brainchild program of Mayor Antolin A. Oreta III, the social service event will subsequently be conducted all throughout the 21 barangays of the city, aiming to facilitate the free delivery of public service to its residents.

“We need to bring the government closer to the people and find ways to ease up daily living of every Malabonian,” the mayor noted.

Thousands of Malabonians availed of the offerings, bringing along their families and neighbors to enjoy the series of weekend affair.

Kalinga on its pilot launch featured medical and dental services, assistance for cataract operation, vitamins and medicine distribution, nutrition, HIV/AIDS and family planning consultations/counselling, vegetable seeds distribution and gardening inputs,giving out of anti-dengue/mosquito repellant mix,minor repair of household appliances,repair of clothes, free haircut, declogging of canals and issuance of Senior Citizen, Persons-With-Disability and Solo Parents Identification Cards.

Desks for application and consultation on Pag-ibig, and Philhealth, pre-registration for scholarship programs, senior high school and college registration and inquiries by the City of Malabon University (CMU) and City of Malabon Polytechnic Institute (CMPI), application for social pension, medical and burial assistance through the Mayor’s Public Assistance Service (MPAS), free city heritage tour registration and job hiring through the Public Employment Services Office (PESO) with their private counterpartswere all set-up.

Inquiries and filing of application for Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) copies as well as assistance onbirth, marriage or death certificate matters, along with tax related inquiries and verifications on real estates are also accommodated.

Help desks addressing applications and concerns on building, demolition, excavation, electrical wiring and other permits were also made available to assist clients.

Public service partners as Maynilad, Meralco PLDT, K-Card and Mary Kay make-ups were also present for their service offerings.

Toddlers and children brought to the occasion were engaged neither story-telling, parlor games, coloring or drawing sessions in child-friendly-areas to savor the family atmosphere of the jam-packed service gathering.

Clients were served with free porridge by the city’s mobile kitchen and assorted breads by Malabonian ‘Pandeladies,’ while ice-cream servings, taho, fish balls and kikiams were made available for all, during all of the initial Kalinga rounds.

Mayor Oreta acknowledged the voluntarism displayed by city employees and numerous other helpers who performed their duties in the program with him, as he also thanked the constituents who availed of the services for their cooperation and support.

With the mayor in the 4-day event series was his Pamilyang Malabonian team graced by former Congresswoman Jaye Lacson-Noel, Councilor Bernard Dela Cruz other city councilors and special guests who met and greeted Malabonians in the occasion.

During the programs, groceries, bags and t-shirts were raffled to lucky spectators to spice-up their queue.

A consistent advocate of empowerment and good governance, the city executive has been decisive in delivering much needed social service to the constituents all through his decade long public service stint.

Upon the determined direction of Mayor Oreta, other villages line up to host Kalingang Malabonian this succeeding weekends.(MALABON PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE)

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