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Reference Number 2407067
Procuring Entity CITY OF MALABON
Area of Delivery Metro Manila

Solicitation Number: 13-417
Trade Agreement: Implementing Rules and Regulations
Procurement Mode: Negotiated Procurement - Small Value Procurement (Sec. 53.9)
Classification: Goods
Category: Office Equipment
Approved Budget for the Contract: PHP 6,275.98 
Delivery Period:
Client Agency:

Contact Person: Donato Panaligan
BAC Staff
F. Sevilla Blvd., San Agustin,
Malabon City
Metro Manila
Philippines 1470
Status Closed
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Date Published 11/10/2013
Last Updated / Time 11/10/2013 00:00 AM
Closing Date / Time 18/10/2013 01:00 AM

2 UNITS ELECTRIC FAN, ceiling orbit type heavy duty, metal blade, 390mm (min.) blade size, three (3)
speed setting with remote switch box, with mounting base and screws, full enclosed and low
noise motor, 220-240 volts

2 UNITS ELECTRIC FAN, wall type heavy duty, plastic blade, 390mm (min.) blade sizer, with three (3)
speed control with pull switch, 220 volts

2 UNITS ELECTRIC FAN, with stand, plastic blade, 380mm (min.) blade size, three (3) speed control, with
head adjustment and oscillation, 220-240 volts

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Created by Donato Panaligan
Date Created 10/10/2013

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